Founded in 1993 under the decree no. 400/AD, Al Younbouh is a non-residential center for the education, reeducation and rehabilitation of individuals with intellectual and neuro-developmental disabilities.

Based in Sahel Alma, Jounieh, our premises as well as our programs are adapted to the developmental needs of our members. The extensive experience we have accumulated throughout the years and the numerous success stories we have had the privilege to live, allow us to take our current programs to a new level by applying them on a younger crowd.

Now working with children that are 7 years old and starting with them at earlier stages of their development allows us to promote new specific skills, thus achieving better results in terms of social and professional integration.

Our History

Having started with only 8 teenagers, Al Younbouh hosts today over 60 students from 14 to 55 years old, and will begin caring for children starting 7 years of age with light and mild mental retardation as of September 2017.

Our team of professionals, supported by volunteers from the Women’s Voluntary Committee and the Youth Voluntary Committee, put into action the well-adapted program that is particularly designed to respond to our students needs and to help them in developing their intellectual, manual, spiritual and artistic skills.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our students by working simultaneously with the student, the family and the society.


Our vision is to ensure the dignified integration of individuals with special needs into society.

Admission Criteria

We welcome all children and individuals with light and mild mental retardation (Chromosome abnormalities, Down syndrome…). Their admission divides into 2 categories:
   • Category 1: Children aged between 7 and 14
   • Category 2: 14 years old and above
Each potential member goes through a screening process conducted by our multi-disciplinary team.


Over the years, and with our full dedication, we have proudly achieved some tangible results in terms of awareness and action with our beneficiaries as well as the population.

Our devotion to the program and our strong belief in all our students’ capabilities have allowed us to secure jobs and training opportunities for 38% of them.

Through extensive efforts and a lot of motivation, we have been able to reach the society and create awareness among the people who, in return, have helped us considerably in spreading our message. As results, we have had a crowd integration of over 10,000 participants in our yearly walk for 14 consecutive years, a community integration of around 100 volunteers yearly and 20 open doors per year for the past 20 years.

Who we are

Board of Trustees

Father Louis Boueri – President
Ms. Maya Frem – Vice President
Dr. Joseph Naaman – Secretary
Ms. Ramona Douaiher – Treasurer
Ms. Nicole Nâamé – Director
Mr. Fadi Barhouche – Accountant
Mr. Raif El Helou – Member
Dr. Elie El Sayegh – Member

Executive Committee
Responsible for the administrative, educational and daily life at Al Younbouh through the management of a multi-disciplinary team 

Women’s Voluntary Committee
Responsible for organizing fund and awareness raising activities 

Youth Volunteer Committee 
This committee offers the students a circle of friends upon whom they can rely and engage with, it also organizes awareness activities 

Team members

The multi-disciplinary team of Al Younbouh is made of:


American Friends of Al Younbouh

American Friends of Al Younbouh was established in 2006 as a U.S. tax-exempt non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization (EIN 20-5615931) for educational, scientific and charitable purposes to support Al Younbouh in order to help the disabled children and young adults of Lebanon. 

The members of the Board of Directors are: 
Mrs. Maya Frem
Dr. William Zoghbi
Dr. Ramez Skaff 

Help Al Younbouh to continue its noble and dignified mission in Lebanon by sending your tax-exempt donation to:

American Friends of Al Younbouh
127 South Drive
Fairhope, AL 36532


Al Younbouh center is a member of:

  • Association Internationale de Recherche scientifique en faveur des personnes Handicapées Mentales – AIRHM 


  • Inclusion International: The international organization of people with intellectual disabilities and their families


  • National Union for Intellectual Disability – NUID: Federation of organizations for parents and friends of mentally-disabled people