How we work

Al Younbouh works to improve the quality of life of children and adults with mental disabilities in three ways:


With the Student

Al Younbouh aims at providing each student with an individualized program that is designed to meet their particular needs and developmental challenges. This program is built through interviews with the parents, internal discussions and the expertise of our resident psychotherapist in order to help the students develop their self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem. 

Its very creation and implementation was made possible thanks to the dedication of so many different people, including the multidisciplinary team, the families, and most importantly the students themselves.

This program is made of three key elements: Educational, Therapeutic, and Social, that will allow to stimulate and develop the students’ intellectual, manual, behavioral and cognitive capacities. The main and primordial objective is the empowerment of the students, leading them into becoming autonomous individuals capable of taking full command of their lives.

With the Family

Al Younbouh understands that the societal integration of its students could not be successful without the full collaborative efforts and synergistic engagement of the students’ families. 

Therefore, Al Younbouh specifically works on many levels to support and counsel the families, enabling them to find the balance that is often disrupted due to the presence of a child with a mental disability. We encourage them to transfer key responsibilities in their children’s cognitive and functional development to our trained professionals in order to reduce their levels of daily stress. By giving the families the right information, we give them the ability to assess and aid the development of their children, becoming an active partner in their lives while keeping them in the family home, whenever possible.

With Society

Al Younbouh works actively to disseminate a positive image for those who live with disabilities by changing perspectives and attitudes towards them within the broader Lebanese community and by informing and educating the society through various outreach activities. Each year, we organize The Annual Walk With Al Younbouh, a fund and awareness raising event, as well as annual open doors to forge relationships with local schools. Moreover, we participate in conferences, workshops and media programs that are aimed at raising awareness on mental disability, and we organize educational, cultural and sports outings and activities within the community, among other activities in social and public environments.

Al Younbouh seeks to encourage the community to avoid the stigmatization of mentally disabled people and to change the misconceptions resulting from that stigmatization.